Privacy Policy and User Protection:

At Swingzy, we truly value the significance of sensitivity and privacy of users’ personal data.

“Users Data or Information” is specified particularly as any data or info., our customers have filled during the swing purchasing process or at the time of a new user registration procedure or via any sort of e-mail attribute. We assure every valuable customer that to secure their data following our seclusion agreement.

As an active user, while using the site, you hold the accountability for conserving the confidentiality of your user account and password. Also, you must endorse to abide by your commitment to every kind of action that appears under your account or password. Our company assures you that we never sell, share or rent our customer’s private to third parties for marketing intentions. We believe in keeping our user’s private information absolutely safe as we consider it is one of the most crucial aspects.

Where do we use our customer’s private info?

At Swingzy, we use our user’s private data for a couple of purposes which include:

  1. Service improvement through authentic feedback.
  2. To connect with them.
  3. For billing and invoicing.
  4. Authentication and identification. 
  5. To solve disputes, complaints, and queries.
  6. Offering valuable services and exclusive commodities.

When as a user you send us any sort of e-mail or visit our site, you are connecting to us digitally. At the same time, you authorize us to accept communication from our side digitally. We will connect with our users by replying via email or by sending notifications on the site. Also, as our consumer, you concede to all the permissions, notices, acknowledgments, and other statements that we deliver to you digitally appease any legal needs that such transmissions be in jotting down.

Our customer support members may not be able to review posted comments sometimes, yet we do withhold the right to monitor and edit or remove any unwanted, illegal, abusive, etc comments delivered to the site. You give us permission to use the name submitted in association with any messages. You need to accept that you will not use an erroneous email address, masquerade as any entity or individual, or contrarily mislead as to the inception of any remarks you make from your end.